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A Personal Story – The Last Ring Home

The Last Ring Home book coverSome of you will be aware that I (Minter) am passionate about WWII history and have been researching the life and death of my grandfather, after whom I was named. He was a Lieutenant in the US Navy, captained a ship in the Philippines, won the Navy Cross and then was held prisoner for over two years before being killed in the most gruesome of circumstances. This story has been 25 years in the making, but in November this year, I will be releasing a documentary film and book. Both are entitled The Last Ring Home. It’s at once a moving love story and magical mystery. It is also a deeply personal story. You can view the trailer below.

On Television…

PBS will be airing the half-hour documentary in the US (WHYY and MPT) on November 11th; and the History Channel will be showing it in Australia and New Zealand (also on November 11). Should you wish to sign up for an alert when the book and film will be released, you can do so directly here.

In the realm of new news, the film has been selected by three film festivals so far! Also, I am planning a number of events in the UK and US, starting October 20th through December 4th. See here if you’d like to try to attend!