Branding Gets Personal

the y gravatar faviconThe Myndset Company is a boutique agency dedicated to helping companies develop brands that will flourish in the new era, specifically focused on why and how to optimise the digital media.  At its core, the Myndset approach is all about putting the personal into the brand’s personality.

The Myndset, which is run by Minter Dial, provides professional speaking, consultancy and coaching services on branding and digital media, with a focus on why and how to put the personal at the heart of the strategy.  Please click here to sign up for the Myndset Newsletter.

The idea behind The Myndset is to bring to life a new approach – defying any single model – which can help to tackle today’s pressing leadership crisis.  Businesses need to adapt to the major paradigm shifts that have occurred via the economic crisis and the burgeoning penetration of internet and smart phones.  To take advantage of these new environments, businesses will need to adopt a number of approaches which, in their ensemble, become more a mashup of different models.  In all cases, The Myndset  approach seeks to galvanise the brand’s energy and emotion to drive the brand strategy through into the digital media space.  I have baptised this approach, TheMyndset which underscores the content in the blog.

Why the Y in The Myndset? 3 business reasons and 1 that’s personal.

1./ Y for putting the WHY back into the organisation. Asking and answering why? Why we are doing what we do? Explaining why helps give meaning to what we are doing. Why, as in a place of curiosity and learning. Why, as in being transparent.

2./ Y is for the Y chromosome that needs the X chromosome, and more “feminine values” in the corporate environment. These values include: facilitating more collaboration & [external] networking, greater empathy and listening skills, ease at working in complexity and seeking the win-win. The new leader integrates the “right” hemisphere of the brain and unleashes his/her Emotional Intelligence, to understand better the bigger picture.

3./ Y is for Generation Y (typically born between 1980-1995) and the new digital paradigm. Gen Yers have brought to the workplace a whole new set of values and demands that need to be integrated, not just for Gen Y, but increasingly for all ages up through the Baby Boomers, too. The internet, in all its digital mobile forms, offers great opportunities to innovate and communicate; it enables listening and dialogue; it favours networking and collaboration; it offers the opportunity for heightened personalisation. Whether for a company’s employees or its end customers, the internet technologies afford ways to heighten engagement and advocacy.

4./ And because we fundamentally believe that the personal must be embedded in the professional sphere, the fourth and final reason for the name Myndset is because the M is for Minter and the Y is for Yendi, Minter’s wife, making the Myndset a personal and professional passion.


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