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At the Yale Reunion this weekend, I attended--thanks to a happy acquaintance with an '82 Yalie--a media panel entitled "Meet the Press". The panel consisted of four '82 grads from Yale, featuring Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota

After the Economist's special section on the "A world of Connections" (April 28), I was glad to receive a link from a new (connected) acquaintance, Vincent, on Connected Marketing: Connection is in the

A book to love

Have you ever been recommended a book where the person starts with, "Boy do I have a book for you, you'll love it..."? Without even buying or reading the book, I often stop to think what impression

When in Nice on holidays, I gladly paid 5 cents at the Monaco Carrefour for a plastic shopping bag. Upon researching the topic, there are apparently between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags used every year by consumers worldwide.

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