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Okay, try this new film pitch: the "Cosmic Comedy of Errors" meets "Vaudevillian Shaggy Dog." If you have seen either of those films, then you are clearly deluded. If you haven't seen (or don't remember seeing) either of

For all the griping about the "weak" economy in France, it is sometimes hard to rationalize here the heady euro-dollar exchange rate where today 1 Euro = $1.3295 (as well as the euro strength against the yen [1 Euro =

Eats a Langue Street

Got to love these ads by the French national train company SNCF. They have a web-based travel agency voyages-SNCF that is advertising travel (needing air) to certain worldwide destinations based on the names of certain

Well, what goes around comes around. I enjoyed this BBC story about how geeks are the new highly sought-after prospective husbands in India. Notwithstanding, of course, the old fashioned component of the practice, it is still funny to see that

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