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After a little discussion with Cyril, my step-brother-slash-old-friend, made me think twice about the value of old friends versus new ones. Being someone forced to compare the "American" way versus "old Europe's" in virtually every domain, the notion of friendship

A country known for its long living citizens, Japan is ironically at risk of halving its population by the end of the century (currently at around 125 million). The Japanese Ministry of Healthy already projects, quite realistically, 100 million by

I am wondering whether I will achieve Geek status... Somehow I missed out on thinking it was an attractive moniker in the old days. Today, I am not so sure. At the very least, I might not get lost when

Probably not many of us still around who love Ayn Rand, but I believe that her philosophies (determinism, objectivism...) remain appropriate and valid; even if the writing style has aged. The Fountainhead is a delightful novel and Howard Roark's discipline

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