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I have long held that I prefer to have all rowers in the boat rowing in unison, even if not necessarily in the perfect direction, rather than seeking the perfect direction and pushing all rowers to row hard (and independently).

They say that what most makes London the capital of the world (today anyway, sorry New York) is that it is the premier financial hub. Attracting immigrants from everywhere -- immigrants that want to work and achieve -- London is

Having spent basically all my life living in big metropolitan centres around the [western] world, I am prone to wax on about their long vaunted advantages: cultural centre, variety of people, business opportunities, anonymity, blah blah blah. Then there

Following only a couple days after posting a comment on old-fashioned marketing (starting with your ABCs), I came across an article in the Daily Telegraph (Tuesday May 22, page 29) entitled “Is your name to blame for your life?”

I remember in my entrepreneurial days thinking that it was a good idea to have the name of the company start with an "A" so that we would appear at the beginning of the [old concept] yellow pages (sort of

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