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I decided to send out a message about this very blog to my closer friends around the world... shamelessly promoting the blog or just wanting to reach out? Either way, will enjoy hearing your thoughts of the blog as new

Furrowing through an old newspaper lying about ("thelondonpaper" 21 Feb 2007), I read an article entitled "Pupil loses veil battle." This polemic subject (integrating Muslims in Western cultures) is certainly grounds for much heated debate and one feels that one

After a little discussion with Cyril, my step-brother-slash-old-friend, made me think twice about the value of old friends versus new ones. Being someone forced to compare the "American" way versus "old Europe's" in virtually every domain, the notion of friendship

A country known for its long living citizens, Japan is ironically at risk of halving its population by the end of the century (currently at around 125 million). The Japanese Ministry of Healthy already projects, quite realistically, 100 million by

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