MDE #11: François Pétavy, CEO Of Eyeka – Co-creation & crowdsourcing for brands

I had the chance to meet François Pétavy, a fellow INSEAD alum, who is CEO of Eyeka, a successful French start-up providing a co-creation and crowdsourcing platform for brands around the world.  Eyeka manages a community of over 140,000 creative consumers who participate and co-create with  brands on a wide array of briefs that focus…

Rachel Weiss Redken Interactive Digital Marketing – MDE10

Interactive Marketing at its best I got to know Rachel Weiss while working at L'Oreal. Specifically, Rachel began at L'Oréal in 2007 working on the digital strategy for PureOlogy and Redken USA ('professional' brands that sell through the hairdresser channel and is, thus B2B2C). At the beginning of this year, Rachel was promoted to run…

Professional, Personal and Private – Getting your brand’s privacy settings right

When companies have been “brought up” to be high performing and distinctly professional in their approach, there is a real risk for them going forward if they do not loosen up their “settings” to be more personal. Not only does the new generation of employees – brought up as digital natives — desire to live and work in a more personal and open environment, but customers seek a whole new experience in their engagement with a brand. Whether it is on the telephone, in a brick & mortar store or on a Facebook fan page, this experience relies on a personal touch that is best imparted by individuals in the company who are, themselves, personally engaged.

CRM ought to mean Conversation that’s Relevant and Meaningful

Sometimes, I get the feeling that Customer Relationship Management or “CRM,” is about as badly understood a concept as marketing itself. What I studied in business school in terms of marketing was a far cry from the marketing that I practiced in my early days. CRM, which could be rebaptized Conversations that are Relevant & Meaningful, are vital for brands. Here’s why!

Interview with Jonathan Salem Baskin – author, blogger & speaker on branding

Dialogue with Jonathan Baskin on global brand challenges Here is a Boxing Day interview with Jonathan Salem Baskin, global brand strategist and reputed author, blogger and speaker on branding.  Specifically, Jonathan is author of "Branding Only Works on Cattle" (2009) as well as "Bright Lights & Dim Bulb" (updated for 2010) and "Histories of Social…