Gravity interview via Robert Scoble – Interesting Networking!

You might enjoy this interview from Robert Scoble of Amit Kapor, former COO of MySpace and now CEO of Gravity who has launched a free service, Twinterest, that looks at open public social data. In a case of ME-centered ME-dia, Twinterest allows you to review and graphically represent your own interests and find friends with comparable interests and needs. Down the road, new applications are due which will likely help filter (and curate) your information.

The return of the Blog: My favorite bloggers on digital media marketing

One of the key skills for tomorrow, at least in the business space, will be the ability to curate (i.e. filter and organize) the information. This means, in fact, knowing how to identify the good sources (find them), then to organize how you read, digest and absorb the inflow. From inbox management to knowledge sharing, information curation is one of the biggest challenges for managers today. The new Facebook messages service might also help in this regard. Herewith a curated choice of blogs to get started with…

Social Media Management Service : Taptivate Friends

When you manage your own social media campaigns, you constantly have to monitor each individual interface, such as the new tweets in one or more of your Twitter accounts, the comments and “likes” in one or more of the Facebook pages, and the connection request and conversations in groups on LinkedIn, to mention just a few. Now, a new service is on the horizon that could bring that to the mobile (iphone and ipad, initially) in a “one-stop fits all” type of service. This new breed of software is called SMMS (Social Media Management Software ), and this particular new service comes from Taptivate.

How to know when a comment is posted on a Facebook fan page?

Having spoken to a number of ‘players’ in the digital space, I was very disappointed to hear that there was no way to stay up-to-date easily on who’s talking on your Facebook fan page(s). However, thanks to my handy Google search, GOOD NEWS! It turn out that the service DOES exist. Enter NutshellMail. Nutshellmail will push you via a customized mail, all in a nutshell the latest activities on a number of your different social media networks.

Are we there yet? Companies ‘saying’ they are web 2.0 need to show it

Companies that tout that they are “2.0” or are ‘working hard’ to become enterprise 2.0 should beware. It is painfully obvious from the outside which companies have truly espoused the Internet 2.0 mentality. Furthermore, for the younger employees, saying you are there when you are clearly not is, at best, disheartening. At worst, it will keep the better talent away.

Tweet Tweet : The pulse of the game. You pheel the Phillies!

Reading up on the Philadelphia Phillies series against the SF Giants, I came across the Major League Baseball’s “twitter meter,” an absolutely stunning way to follow the game (via the twitter stream) and to encourage audience participation. The Phillies won on the field and the fans won in the tweeternometer. There are a number of take-aways for business…

Google Social Search Results still in Beta – The quality of your network counts

If you haven’t seen social search in action, you might want to check this out. Perhaps, you are like most of us who only look at the first 3 results at the top of the Google search results. However, if you scroll down (and are logged in to your Google account), you may find a result that emanates directly from your social network. Proof that the strength and quality of your network online will pay off! Check out this example.

Private Lives on Show – The privacy debate is strategic

The issue of privacy is a little schizophrenic. In any event, it is capital and worldwide in scope. We all say we want privacy, and yet we do not want to be treated as a number. For businesses to provide us with customized and relevant offers that make us feel like VIP customers, they need to know our data. At its core, the issue of privacy is one of trust.

Two parallel competing models: Craigslist/OLX and LinkedIn/Viadeo

Organic or Acquisitive Growth? A comparison of the Linkedin/Viadeo (professional social network) and Craigslist/OLX (online classifieds) battles. I see an organic growth model allowing for a more homogenous type of community build. Both Linkedin and Craigslist have the first mover advantage and have chosen to pursue this option. The challengers (and ‘late comers’), Viadeo and OLX, have opted for growth via acquisition. Both challengers are well positioned to capture the local market based on their core business. However, both are going to have a more razor-edge approach to their finances in that they will need to amortize/optimize their investments in the local players. While the fight between OLX and Craigslist is more head-to-head in that they are looking at exactly the same markets in the countries in which they do business, Viadeo and Linkedin benefit from a more segmented approach.