Looking back at 2011, what happened?

Imagine this, it is the end of 2011 and we should take a look back at what occurred during the year. From geopolitics to the digital space, here is a retrospective on the year that hasn’t yet started. What happens after Prince William’s wedding, Facebook is finally bought out, Community Managers are forced to evolve, Customer Service Managers are in, and more…

Interview with Jonathan Wolf, Product Strategist at Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice Strategist: Jonathan Wolf I had the chance to meet Jonathan Wolf at a Bazaarvoice meeting, held in Paris.   Jonathan, who is stationed in London, is the international product strategist for Bazaarvoice.  Bazaarvoice basically allows companies to create their own ratings & review system, embedded in their own site (especially for eCommerce) to enable…

If you want to get social, start with email and the telephone

As the ever rising number of companies ramp up their efforts in the digital media space, there are, in my opinion, three very important parts of the social “program” that need to be checked before embarking:

(1) to what extent do members of head office meet and discuss with clients in the field?
(2) what is the experience when calling the company on the telephone?
(3) what is the experience when sending an email to a company representative?

Mitch Joel – President of Twist Image Digital Marketing Agency

An interview with Mitch Joel Mitch Joel is one of the most respected people in the digital media space in the world.  He is President of Twist Image Digital Marketing & Communication, aka "Media Hacker".  With a direct pick up from his bio, this sentence says it all:  "When Google wanted to explain online marketing…

Gravity interview via Robert Scoble – Interesting Networking!

You might enjoy this interview from Robert Scoble of Amit Kapor, former COO of MySpace and now CEO of Gravity who has launched a free service, Twinterest, that looks at open public social data. In a case of ME-centered ME-dia, Twinterest allows you to review and graphically represent your own interests and find friends with comparable interests and needs. Down the road, new applications are due which will likely help filter (and curate) your information.

The return of the Blog: My favorite bloggers on digital media marketing

One of the key skills for tomorrow, at least in the business space, will be the ability to curate (i.e. filter and organize) the information. This means, in fact, knowing how to identify the good sources (find them), then to organize how you read, digest and absorb the inflow. From inbox management to knowledge sharing, information curation is one of the biggest challenges for managers today. The new Facebook messages service might also help in this regard. Herewith a curated choice of blogs to get started with…