Brand Authenticity And The Value Of Celebrity Endorsement

What's your opinion of the celebrity endorsement as a marketing investment? To what extent can an external spokesperson be an authentic representative of a brand?  If your brand has (or more likely wants to "achieve") authenticity, is it a good idea to hire a celebrity?  The answer to these questions, in my mind, is likely…

This Store is a Story: Living lessons for brand marketers

For all the talk of storytelling, we don't often hear much about store-ytelling. On 10th avenue and 19th street in Manhattan, in West Chelsea, you ought to experience Story!  It's a truly innovative retail concept (thanks @MarkHurst for showing to me).  Story is a store that is devised as a living story.  With a temporary…

Social Search: Getting Personal Is Evermore Important For Brand Marketers

Social value embedded in Search Is it clear for you that social search is for real? As Google and Facebook face off against each other, Microsoft and Facebook are getting all the more "friendly."  As a result, Social Search is becoming evermore present and is giving Microsoft's Bing renewed life (not just like).  Bing has made…

The Brand University – How to make a sustainable, successful brand

“The Brand University”, an article published on the BrandChannel site.
The world of branding has undergone a very real revolution as far as both the consumer and the employee are concerned. The challenge that companies are now facing is how to adapt to several convergent paradigm shifts. To this end, brands might consider instituting a Brand University as a compelling way to accompany such a change.

LIKE ME! The New Marketing Paradise?


These are the new calls to action for digital marketers. The new ROI of marketers will have to take into account the e-factor: the willingness to exchange, the power of the experience, the emotional connection, the authenticity of the engagement, and the essential meaning and return.

Brands Getting Personal

“Branding gets personal” is the tagline behind The Myndset. A few people have asked why do I use this tagline? I would like to use this post to discuss, at least partially, why it is so important for me. The starting point for “Branding Gets Personal” is an obsession with being client centred. In this post, I discuss how we must evolve the marketing mission past the traditional product-oriented 4P’s to encompass a more engaging and experiential marketing, entitled the 5E’s.