Interview with David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, white label concierge services and CRM technology

Minter Dialogue Episode #127 This interview is David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, providing concierge services for companies in Europe. Whether as part of value-add for a fidelity program, a service for a premium brand or as a bonus for certain executives in a company, John Paul has a service and technology whose…

A review of Facebook Messages – Impact for digital marketing

Facebook Messages is not a huge thumbs up in terms of functionality. However, from a user perspective, I think that it will augur in a new way for curating your inbox and helping to consolidate the various sources which are both very exciting. Clearly, that would mean that marketers will have to get a real grip on their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the need to avoid duplicate messages to multiple addresses via the different channels to the same client.