Ebay's "Do Good, Feel Good" Shop

Review of A Pop-Up Experience – Ebay’s “Do Good, Feel Good” Shop

If the high street is flagging and Cyber Monday sales continue to grow, the issue seems patently clear that consumers would rather the convenience and comfort of a couch than the hassle and ouch of visiting a brick and mortar store. From a retailer's standpoint, the rub is double in that real estate prices continue to…

FEVAD President Francois Momboisse – eCommerce In France

Attended a most interesting INSEAD breakfast presentation last week by François Momboisse, President since 2002 of the FEVAD (the association covering eCommerce and distance selling in France). François is also head of international digital operations for the FNAC (a leading retailer of high tech and cultural goods). Herewith a little state of the e-business in France.

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Business Everywhere

Taking a step back recently, I tried to think of all the industries that have been radically transformed by the tsunami of the Internet. Internet has a way of altering the way of the land in many different ways because, fundamentally, it changes the way we all communicate.  The immediacy, mobility and multiway channels of…