Two parallel competing models: Craigslist/OLX and LinkedIn/Viadeo

Organic or Acquisitive Growth? A comparison of the Linkedin/Viadeo (professional social network) and Craigslist/OLX (online classifieds) battles. I see an organic growth model allowing for a more homogenous type of community build. Both Linkedin and Craigslist have the first mover advantage and have chosen to pursue this option. The challengers (and ‘late comers’), Viadeo and OLX, have opted for growth via acquisition. Both challengers are well positioned to capture the local market based on their core business. However, both are going to have a more razor-edge approach to their finances in that they will need to amortize/optimize their investments in the local players. While the fight between OLX and Craigslist is more head-to-head in that they are looking at exactly the same markets in the countries in which they do business, Viadeo and Linkedin benefit from a more segmented approach.