3 rules of real estate and 3 rules of modern day marketing

If we all know the 3 rules of real estate, what are the 3 rules for marketing in the Internet era? You can sometimes here someone giving out the moniker of the 3 rules of marketing: content, content, content. While I am BIG on content, I would not be inclined to be so absolutely categorical. I believe that the 3 “rules” or principles have been evolving, making them less statutory rules and more a WIP. Here is what I think of the evolution of the 3 rules of modern day marketing.

Why Brands Must Get Down And Personal – The World According To Apple

Getting down and personal with your clients and employees is surprisingly foreign for many companies; yet, I maintain that it is going to be an increasingly important element of success for marketers in the future. With the regrouped Apple IOS (i-operating system), customers will be able to swing seamlessly from one product to another. Presumably, the same will be true of other platforms, too. This post discusses how will marketers need to evolve to keep up with these new mobile consumers with interlinked computers, phones and gadgets.

BFM Radio RSS Live Streaming

In my car, with its digital radio station interface, I noticed that BFM Radio 96.4 (above), a French business radio station, is now getting into the RSS live streaming act.   Toggling between different business indicators (the levels of the different stock market, FX exchange rates) and the radio's own title, the radio dial almost…

Deezer – Yet Another Phishing Scam

In another spam scam, Deezer, Europe's leading "music on demand" site (equivalent of LastFM), has been attacked.  They quickly reacted by sending out this mail (in French as it is a French based company), alerting its users that the offer of a free mp3 player was a hoax.  If nothing else, this post is a…