andy abramson

Thinking outside the box and the power of asymmetrical leadership and marketing with Andy Abramson (MDE241)

Minter Dialogue with Andy Abramson Andy Abramson is CEO and founder of Comunicano, Inc., a strategic communications agency. He is also co-founder of Velocity Growth Inc, a strategic development and social markets services company. Andy’s a contributing writer to MoneyInc and an acknowledged influencer in all things Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Beyond that, Andy is…

inamo interactive restaurant

Interactive Restaurant – 80% Digital and 20% Analogue – Review of Inamo in London

Inamo has two "digital" or interactive restaurants in London, the first of which was installed in September 2009. In terms of menu, Inamo serves an Asian fusion mix. I went with a couple of geeky friends and wanted to see how the concept had aged. To my great surprise, the interactive table provided a very good…

Seigneurie d’Arse – A Cheeky Wine?

W(h)ine marketing Here's a wine whose owner did not worry much about the Anglophone buyers.  No further comment. Costs around 4 euros.  From Haut Fitou, Cascastel des Corbieres, "The Master Wine Growers of Paradise" CONTACT: 11360 Cascatel Des Corbières Cascasel Corbieres, 11210 France +33(0)4 68 45 91 74