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When you work with me, my goal is to help move the people that move the products, paraphrasing a motto that was once said by the legendary Arnie Miller (the founder of Matrix). To make a brand successful and durable, it is my strong belief that branding must get more personal, all the more so in a digitally enhanced and increasingly transparent world. My goal is to help brands – and, more emphatically, the internal teams – to transform and adopt the right mindset, which will garner greater long-term loyalty and, ultimately, a healthier profitability. Leveraging my experience of working at L’Oréal S.A. in 9 assignments in 4 countries over a 16-year timeframe, I know that transformation is a complex process to engineer. I combine strategic vision with an operational know-how. My pragmatic approach is based on three defining principles:

  • Work within the business. Whenever possible, I bring my mindset and tools within the regular flow of work (business meetings, seminars or conferences).
  • Learn by doing. One of my favorite sayings is that Change is for sure, growth is the option. Getting the desired change to happen individually and within organizations means starting by doing. My signature leitmotif is to find ways to measure the success of the programs I run.
  • Heighten engagement within the business. If brands are to get more personal, it is because the customer is looking for a more engaging experience. Enabling employees — especially those on the front line — to excel and express themselves is a key business driver.

There are three ways that we can potentially work together


I am a high energy professional speaker who can deliver speeches in English, French or Spanish. Having worked extensively in over 20 countries and visited around 80 and with a working knowledge of 6 languages, I have developed a keen understanding of the cultural differences, allowing for more effective and adapted presentations. I speak on three main topics: marketing in the modern era, all things digital (including new technology trends) and inspiration / motivation. You can find more about my speeches here. I am also a regular Master of Ceremonies (emcee) at major conferences around the world. Book me here.


Working with a select network of consultants, we provide consultancy for companies on how to drive your brand and activate your strategy. Based on a highly operational background, we accompany brands in the execution, because we believe that execution is, more than ever, strategic and where the battle is won or lost. Book me here.


Thanks to a rich background in pedagogy, I continue to train and coach because I believe that training is an opportunity for true transformation. Specifically, I provide Digital Education for executive teams, including one-on-one coaching for the C-suite. I also conceive and deliver innovative and customizable seminar trainings on several key digital business levers: eCommerce, eReputation Management, Influencer Engagement and Social Media Marketing. You can find more here.


For inquiries and engagements, he can be reached via email at Minter Dial. Come join his network at Minter Dial LinkedIn Profile, join The Myndset page on Facebook or follow him at @mdial on Twitter.