The Myndset Company is a boutique agency, founded in 2009 by Minter and Yendi Dial, that provides professional speaking and consultancy services around branding, new technologies and digital marketing. At the Myndset, it’s all about putting the why back into business.


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“Minter is a rare breed combining deep understanding of technology and business understanding with engagement of an expert entertainer. He’s passionate and it’s contagious.”

Brian Solis

Author, Speaker, Analyst

“Thought provoking and inspirational are key for speakers at the Adobe Summit and Minter met both of these criteria. Amongst a roster of over 100 speakers, Minter has consistently been rated in the top 3. Each year, 90% of speakers are brand new but Minter is one speaker we keep inviting back because of the quality and freshness of the content. I highly recommend him if you are looking for innovation and thought leadership.”

Simon Morris

Director of Demand Marketing EMEA

“Minter Dial is a pioneer, a conqueror, a community maker. His generosity and natural leadership makes him naturally one of the Vision Men of today. Minter opens every day new windows to explore and understand our business world.”

Jean Clauteaux


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